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As a film, it was a shambolic melodrama that seemed to treat Ramdev almost as a divine messenger.. After Modi won, Ramdev claimed to have prepared the ground for the big political changes that occurred.

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Worth July 26, 2018 On a hazy day in early February, some of the most powerful men in Indias government gathered at Chhatrasal Stadium in New Delhi, an arena famous for its boisterous wrestling bouts.. These included the protection of cows animals held sacred in Hinduism and a broad call for Hindu nationalist reforms of the government, the courts, cultural institutions and education.. The men had come for a different kind of spectacle a biographical film epic, whose initial episodes (out of 57 total) would be shown for the first time that evening.. But is his pious traditionalism a mask for darker forces Baba Ramdev Credit Bharat Sikka for The New York Times Supported by Continue reading the main story By Robert F.

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One by one, the dignitaries rose to recount Ramdevs extraordinary career: how he brought physical fitness to the Indian middle class with his mass yoga camps and television empire; how he built his medicine-and-consumer-goods company, Patanjali Ayurved, into a multibillion-dollar colossus.. The crowd raised their arms and pumped their fists as they chanted the words India my motherland is great that have become a defining slogan of the Hindu nationalist movement.. Swamiji has changed the direction of the world, the thinking of the world, one speaker shouted, referring to Ramdev with an affectionate honorific.. The parallel makes some sense: Ramdev has been a prominent voice on the Hindu right, and his tacit endorsement during the landmark 2014 campaign helped bring Prime Minister Narendra Modi to power.. And like Trump, he is a bombastic TV personality whose relationship with truth is elastic; he cannot resist a branding opportunity his name and face are everywhere in India. Register Taylormade Drivers For Mac

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Ramdev took the microphone and introduced the phalanx of several hundred Hindu religious students, known as brahmacharis, sitting in neat rows on the field.. J P ), including the current ministers of foreign affairs, internal security, finance and transportation, appeared alongside him with a signed document setting out nine pledges.. Swamiji has changed India, which was going toward the West its dress and food and culture and has changed its direction to yoga At last silence fell, and the 50-foot screen flickered to life.. For the next hour, Indias political elite watched in humble silence as Ramdevs life unfolded, from his birth in a remote rural village to his early days as a lissome yogi (the remaining episodes had been condensed into trailer form).. At the center of a makeshift stage, surrounded by smiling politicians and cabinet members, was the person whose life was being celebrated: a slender figure in saffron robes with a long, dark beard, his chest-length hair tied in a bun.

Ramdev has called Modi a close friend, and the prime minister publicly lauds Patanjalis array of ayurvedic products medicines, cosmetics and foodstuffs.. But as an expression of the Indian publics feelings, it wasnt far off the mark Image Ramdev with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, left, and BJP President Amit Shah in New Delhi, India during a preview of Ramdevs show on February 10, 2018.. A month before Modis landslide victory, a trust controlled by Ramdev released a video in which senior leaders of Modis party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (B.. Credit Raj K RajHindustan TimesGetty Images Ramdev has been compared to Billy Graham, the Southern Baptist firebrand who advised several American presidents and energized the Christian right. 518b7cbc7d